Boiler Sight Glass

  • Flange sight glass with light

    Flange sight glass with light

    Flange sight glass with light is made of stainless steel and tempered glass, the flanged mirror allows clear and accurate observation of material flow in the food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.
    The sight glass has a bracket that can be arbitrarily rotated for lighting Angle and can be raised or lowered to meet various lighting needs.
    Specification: 1.5 “-12″ to DN40-DN300
    Connection: thread, clamp, welding, DIN,SMS,IDF
    Washer: EPDM NBR conforms to FDA177.2600
    Body material: AISI 304(1.4301) AISI 316L(1.4404)
    Bracket multi-angle connection thread M8
    The sight glass lights are powered wirelessly and can last for 2-3 months on a single charge
    The sight glass lamp is powered by AC110V/220V and can be recharged for 2-3 months
    The sight glass light can rotate 360 degrees, no dead Angle, strong light, waterproof

  • Vacuum sight glass

    Vacuum sight glass

    Fused quartz and sapphire glass have the penetration of ultraviolet and infrared, generally used in the vacuum system, not only can observe the internal situation of the vacuum chamber, but also has high temperature resistance, temperature measurement, photography or video.
    Material: stainless steel 304 welded flange, 4J29 cove alloy, quartz and sapphire glass etc.
    Process: sapphire glass and metal direct vacuum brazing sealing process, with commonly used CF series flange.
    Baking temperature: 600 degrees, 2. Leakage rate: < 10-10 PAM3 /S, 3. Sapphire window height 30-36 mm (including flange)
    1. Flange dimensions refer to CF blind flange dimensions
    2. According to customer requirements to make any shape flange observation window.

  • Flange Mounted Industrial Sight Glasses

    Flange Mounted Industrial Sight Glasses

    Flat flange sight glass includes equipment sight glass, flat flange sight glass, flat neck sight glass, flat lamp sight glass and so on.