Collection: Flange sight glass

A flange sight glass is a specific type of sight glass that incorporates flanges for easy installation and sealing within a pipeline or vessel. Here are some key points about flange sight glasses:

  1. Design: Flange sight glasses typically consist of a transparent borosilicate glass tube or pane held within a metal frame or housing. The frame often includes integral flanges on either end, allowing the sight glass to be bolted directly onto a flanged connection in a pipeline or vessel.

  2. Construction: The glass portion of the flange sight glass is typically made from borosilicate glass, chosen for its transparency, durability, and resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion. The metal frame is usually made from materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, or other alloys compatible with the operating conditions and fluid being monitored.

  3. Installation: Flange sight glasses are installed directly into a pipeline or vessel using the integrated flanges. The flanges are bolted to matching flanged connections, providing a secure and leak-proof seal. Proper gaskets or sealing materials are often used between the flanges to ensure a tight seal.

  4. Applications: Flange sight glasses are commonly used in industries where visual monitoring of fluid levels or processes is necessary, such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, oil and gas, and water treatment. They allow operators to observe the fluid inside the pipeline or vessel in real-time without the need for additional instrumentation.

  5. Benefits: Flange sight glasses offer several advantages, including easy installation and removal for maintenance or inspection, compatibility with standard flange connections, and the ability to provide a direct visual indication of fluid levels or conditions.

  6. Variations: Flange sight glasses may come in various configurations, including full-view sight glasses with a transparent glass pane for unobstructed viewing, tubular sight glasses with a cylindrical glass tube for observing fluid levels, and reflex sight glasses with a prism or grooved glass surface that reflects light differently depending on the fluid level.

Overall, flange sight glasses are versatile components used in industrial processes to provide operators with a visual indication of fluid levels, flow, or conditions within pipelines and vessels, facilitating safe and efficient operations.