graphite sealing

  • Graphite Packing

    Graphite Packing

    Graphite packing is made of flexible graphite wire woven through the core. It has the advantages of good self-lubrication and thermal conductivity, small friction coefficient, strong versatility, good softness, high strength, and protection for shaft and rod. According to different requirements, carbon fiber, glass fiber and other materials can be used to strengthen. Expanded graphite packing is a universal packing, recommended for use in petroleum equipment, power plants, chemical industry a...
  • Graphite packing ring

    Graphite packing ring

    Graphite packing ring by a variety of material specifications packing pressed into a ring. Applicable to a variety of applications, such as aramid packing ring, enhance graphite packing ring ptfe packing ring, the corners of aramid carbon packing ring, asbestos ptfe packing ring, high carbon fiber packing ring, black ptfe packing ring, ramie packing ring, ring of high water-based pan-gen, carbon fiber packing ring, and so on performance characteristics: according to the performance characteri...
  • Graphite thermal gasket

    Graphite thermal gasket

    Graphite thermal gasket thickness:0.5-40mm

    Graphite thermal gasket width:5-40mm

    Work temperature:-40 to 120 degrees

    Coefficient of thermal conductivity:5~10W/m-k

  • Graphite,Grafoil Natural Graphite Gaskets For Gauge Glass and Industrial

    Graphite,Grafoil Natural Graphite Gaskets For Gauge Glass and Industrial

    Flexible graphite, also known as expanded graphite, takes scaly graphite as raw material and forms interlayer compound after chemical treatment. It is a new graphite product.In addition to the properties of natural graphite, it also has special flexibility and elasticity.Flexible graphite composite gasket is a kind of rectangular or geometrically complex gasket made of high-strength graphite composite plate which is composed of punch teeth or punched metal core plate and expanded graphite particles. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high and low resistance and good compression rebound rate. It is used for tubes, valves, pumps and pressure vessels.Sealing components for heat exchanger, condenser, water level gauge, engine, diesel engine, air compressor, exhaust pipe, refrigerator, etc.Therefore, it is an ideal sealing material.Widely used in shipbuilding, flange, exhaust pipe, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, nuclear power and other industrial departments.