What’s the AR glass?

What’s the AR glass?
AR glass or high transparency high definition glass, the production principle of this product is to use the international advanced magnetron sputtering coating technology on the surface of ordinary tempered glass coated with a layer of anti-reflection film, effectively reduce the reflection of the glass itself increases the transmittance of the glass, so that the original color through the glass is more bright, more real.
AR glass principle:
When the light from the photophobic material to the light dense material, the reflected light will have half wave loss, on the glass after plating AR film surface of the reflected light than the front surface of the film reflected light path difference just half wavelength, thin

The reflected light on the front and rear surfaces of the film is eliminated, which is equivalent to increasing the energy of transmitted light. And by coating both sides of the glass at the same time, the reflection effect of both sides of the glass can be reduced simultaneously. Because AR glass is the use of magnetron sputtering coating technology, sputtering materials are nano level of atomic motion formed by the transparent optical film system. There is no effect on the performance of the glass itself, and there is hardening effect, the glass itself is a protection, strong adhesion. It can be regarded as a whole with the glass.
Because the visual range of people in visible light is generally around 555nm wavelength. A typical piece of window glass has a transmittance of only 91.5% at this wavelength, whereas a piece of AR treated glass, the transmittance of tempered glass at this wavelength is 98%, which is why we feel that the color is more vivid and the color is more lifelike when we look at the display of run-eye glass window.

Post time: Dec-20-2021