Glass tube level gauge usage tips

As a simple and convenient level measurement instrument, glass tube level meter has a wide range of applications in the industry. Glass tube level gauge is mainly used to directly indicate the height of the liquid level in various tanks, towers, tanks, boxes and other containers. Meter structure is simple, easy to use. The upper and lower valves of the instrument are equipped with safety steel balls. When the glass is damaged accidentally, the steel balls will automatically seal under the action of the pressure in the container to prevent the liquid in the container from spilling out.
In practical application, glass tube level gauge is very easy to damage, in the transportation debugging should be very careful. Here are some do’s and don ‘ts.
First of all, the level meter in transportation, handling and installation, not allowed to impact or knock, to prevent glass tube and glass broken.
Secondly, after the installation of the level meter, when the medium temperature is very high, do not open the valve immediately, should preheat 20-30 minutes, until the glass tube has a certain temperature, and then slowly open the valve.
Furthermore, in the use of the level meter, the glass tube should be cleaned regularly on the inner and outer walls of the dirt, in order to keep the liquid level display clear.
If the quartz tube rupture or dirt serious need to change, first remove the table body, unscrew nuts and nut on both ends, with a wooden stick to knock, quartz glass tube from one end to the other end out graphite ring, a new quartz tube is loaded, then graphite ring set on the quartz tube, isometric embedding table body, tighten the nut and nut on both ends, after confirm no leakage, can be put into operation.

Post time: May-19-2022