How to improve the material properties of borosilicate glass

Nowadays, the advent of all kinds of high-quality glass makes the market of glass materials develop very well, especially the emergence of a lot of borosilicate glass, but also makes its demand rise again and again. However, although there are a lot of borosilicate glass on the market now, but in fact, it is not simple to really do a good job of borosilicate glass, because it involves the process control process is quite complex, how to carry out process control, improve the material performance of borosilicate glass, this is a problem that many people should consider. we will introduce you to improve the performance of borosilicate glass materials.

(1) Control the production environment temperature: the sensitivity of borosilicate glass to the surrounding environment temperature is relatively high, if the temperature control is not good, it is difficult to ensure the quality of borosilicate glass. Each different special glass for the appropriate processing temperature requirements are not the same, so we should pay attention to this point in the processing.

(2) Reduce the diffusion of water through the polymer: in order to achieve this measure, we can use the method is to choose low permeability sealant, and then seal the filling, to ensure that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the borosilicate glass will not be too large, the sealing effect will be more guaranteed.

(3) Control the process time: the length of time of the various processes of special glass is actually quite important, not too long or too short, so we should pay attention to reduce the time of contact between the desiccant and the atmosphere when we process borosilicate glass.

(4) Choose the right desiccant: adsorption rate is higher and more durable desiccant can often play a more powerful effect, so we choose the right desiccant in borosilicate glass processing is also conducive to improving the performance of borosilicate glass.

Post time: Oct-19-2021