How to store the heat resistant glass?

The basic requirements of the preservation environment of heat resistant glass are quite many, and the storage warehouse needs to meet the requirements of rain protection to avoid excessive water contact with high temperature resistant glass. The heat resistant glass is not too exposed to the sun, long time exposure to high temperature resistant glass, especially the bottom of the high temperature resistant glass is certainly not good, keep the environment cool is very important. In addition, heat resistant glass should also try to stay away from the heat source, do not care about this because it has heat resistant properties. The warehouse floor for storing high temperature resistant glass should use hard cement floor as far as possible, and keep the floor clean without too much dust and debris. If the high temperature resistant glass needs to be placed outside due to the area limitation of the library room, we need to cover it with felt cloth to ensure that it is not exposed to excessive sun. In addition to the need for the environment, we also need to pay attention to ensure that the high temperature resistant glass in accordance with different specifications and models to classify management, to ensure that there is no confusion. Generally speaking, the finished high temperature resistant glass is fixed by iron frame. When stacking the high temperature resistant glass, we need to pay attention to ensure that the stacking is compact, neat and appropriate Angle.

Post time: Oct-19-2021