What’s the AG glass?

Anti-glare glass, is a special processing of the glass surface, normally the glass is etched in specific chemical liquid, so it is also called etched glass. It is characterized by making the reflective surface of the original glass become matte surface without reflection. The principle is to double or single side of high quality glass through special processing. Compared with ordinary glass, it has a lower reflection ratio, and the reflectivity of light is reduced from 8% to less than 1%, creating a clear and transparent visual effect with technology, so that viewers can experience a better sensory vision.
1. According to the transmittance, it can be divided into: single-sided ordinary grade, double-sided ordinary grade, single-sided high transmittance grade, double-sided high transmittance grade;
2, according to the use is divided into: single-side screen level, double-side screen level, touch high screen level, ordinary instrument level, precision instrument level, engineering level, etc.;
Five, features:
1, function: reduce the interference of environmental reflection, improve the visual Angle of the display picture, reduce the screen reflection, enhance the visual effect of people on the picture and digital, especially suitable for outdoor large screen,

Make the image more clear and lifelike, let you enjoy better visual effect, anti-glare, not dazzling, eliminate eye fatigue, take good care of eye health.
2, principle: we all have such experience, when the TV or monitor is placed in a bright window or light, the eyes will feel from the glare around the screen, then adjust the screen

Location or installation of curtains can solve the problem; On the contrary, if the ambient light is too dim, the user may also feel the glare from the screen, resulting in the afterimage effect, resulting in eye strain and visual pattern

The paste. Now we have a specially processed anti-glare glass screen, our viewing performance has been greatly improved.
3, Advantages: The company’s LED, DLP, LCD and digital rear projection TV special glass screen, is the world’s leading technology products, according to the professional user requirements of development, has been

Widely used in large screen display system. The screen features high contrast, high resolution, wide viewing angles and ambient light resistance. The comprehensive performance of glass screen is better than resin screen and resin compound

Close the screen, and can do reinforcement processing.
4. Maximum viewing Angle: horizontal viewing Angle is greater than 160°, vertical viewing Angle is greater than 140°.
5, black surface: in a bright environment, the screen image to maintain a high contrast, vivid color realistic. When the combined screen is off, the screen looks good and displays all black.
6, good image consistency: perfect with DLP projector, in all kinds of visual distance, can ensure the projection image and the brightness of the whole screen uniform, no “heat island” and “sun” effect.
7, higher resolution: more than 40 “screen have real display HDTV and VGA,SVGA,XGA,SXGA performance.
8, anti-wear AR coating layer: there is no need to use additional screen surface protection layer, and has the function of reducing glare and maximizing image contrast and sharpness.
9, the use of low thermal expansion coefficient of special glass: the combination of screen overall feeling is good, hard screen surface in various environments are smooth, no deformation.
10, transmission ratio: more than 88%, reflectivity < 1%, thickness 0.55mm - 10mm screen level.
11, the maximum size: 84 "(1700mm×1280mm) - 108" (2440mm×1650mm) according to the special requirements of customers processing.
12, can be further processed into multi-functional glass: enhanced processing, uv protection, sun protection, sound insulation and thermal insulation glass, laminated safety glass, etc.
Anti-Glare glass

Post time: Dec-08-2021