What’s the optical glass?

Glass material is a material with a wide range of applications in our life, in addition to some ordinary glass, in some special occasions will also use a lot of special glass, special glass is a class of glass with more properties, often has an important role in industrial occasions. Optical glass is a kind of widely used special glass, which has higher requirements on optical properties. So what are the common optical glasses?

(1) Radiation resistant optical glass: the characteristic of radiation resistant optical glass is that it has a strong absorption capacity of radiation, therefore, the use of optical glass can help us in some research sites with strong radiation is not harmed. At present, radiation resistant optical glass is mainly used in nuclear industry, medicine and the production of shielded Windows.

(2) Colored optical glass: Colored optical glass, as the name implies, is a kind of optical glass with color, of course, it is also transparent. Optical glass of a certain color spectrum can be filtered to a certain frequency of light, which creates a “colored” sensation. Optical glass is mainly used in the production of light filters.

(3) ULTRAVIOLET and infrared optical glass: in ultraviolet and infrared instruments, this kind of optical glass has a key role. Ultraviolet and infrared optical glass has high transmittance to ultraviolet and infrared rays, which is quite a rare glass property.

(4) Quartz optical glass: quartz optical glass is mainly composed of silica, which is characterized by excellent heat resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance under the premise of good optical properties. This makes quartz optical glass widely used in the manufacture of some electronic equipment.

Post time: Oct-19-2021