What’s the reinforced explosion-proof glass?

The continuous progress of glass processing technology makes the properties of glass materials more and more superior, the reinforced explosion-proof glass is a typical representative of this. The significant function of the strengthened explosion-proof glass is to place the self-explosion, which ensures the reliability and stability at the same time with strong mechanical properties. The risk coefficient is greatly reduced. It is an enhanced version of toughened glass. At present, explosion-proof glass has been widely used in various industries, public security, finance and vehicles and other fields, has played a very important role. What are the main properties of explosion-proof glass?

(1) Mechanical strength: the strong advantage of explosion-proof glass makes it become a leader in the field of special glass. The bending resistance of explosion-proof glass can reach 4-5 times the level of ordinary glass material, and its impact resistance is more than 7 times that of ordinary explosion-proof glass material. Explosion-proof glass is used as protective glass, which can resist most external damage.

(2) Thermal stability: the thermal stability of explosion-proof glass is also very strong, thermal stability is a kind of property that the material can bear drastic temperature changes without structural damage at high temperature, and explosion-proof glass has a very excellent performance in this aspect. Explosion-proof glass can withstand temperature changes in the range of 250-320 degrees Celsius. Compared with the general glass material of 70-120 degrees Celsius is undoubtedly very outstanding.

(3) The structure stability: is the reason that can be called a explosion-proof glass, the main reason is that it is received when the external force won’t stop because of stress or pressure leads to break into the effect of slag, in most cases just cracks on the surface, so the risk is higher than general glass too much.

(4)Other properties: explosion-proof glass has some other properties, such as or from the processing properties to consider, the hardness and stiffness of explosion-proof glass are very high, so it is very difficult to cut it. Explosion-proof glass is also a kind of tempered glass in essence, we are generally in its tempered before processing.

Post time: Oct-19-2021