Collection: Reflex level gauge glass

A reflex level gauge glass is a type of sight glass used in industrial applications to visually monitor the level of liquids in tanks or vessels. It consists of a transparent tube with a flat glass face and a chamber on one side. The chamber is either partially filled with a liquid of high refractive index or contains prisms that reflect light differently depending on the liquid level.

The principle behind the reflex level gauge glass is based on total internal reflection. When the liquid level is below the chamber, light entering the glass is refracted through the clear portion of the glass and little or no reflection occurs. However, when the liquid level rises and contacts the glass, the light encounters the liquid with a higher refractive index in the chamber, causing total internal reflection. This creates a distinct boundary between the liquid and gas phases, indicating the level of the liquid.

Reflex level gauge glasses are commonly used in industries such as chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, and power generation where accurate and reliable level measurement is critical for safety and operational efficiency. They provide a simple yet effective means of visually monitoring liquid levels in various process vessels and tanks.