Collection: AR glass AG glass

AR (Anti-Reflective) glass and AG (Anti-Glare) glass are both used to improve the visibility of displays under various lighting conditions, but they achieve this through different means:

AR Glass:

  • Reduces reflections: By applying optical coatings to the glass, AR glass minimizes the light reflected off the surface.
  • Increases transmittance: These coatings can increase the light passing through the glass to more than 99%.

AG Glass:

  • Diffuses light: AG glass has a rough surface, usually achieved through chemical etching, which scatters light and reduces glare.
  • Matte effect: The rough surface creates a matte finish that diminishes glare from bright lights.

In summary, AR glass is designed to reduce reflections and increase clarity, while AG glass aims to minimize glare for better visibility in bright conditions. Choosing the right type depends on the specific requirements of the application.