Collection: Transaparent level gauge glass

Transparent level gauge glasses, as the name suggests, are sight glasses designed to offer a clear, unobstructed view of the liquid level inside a tank or vessel. Unlike reflex level gauge glasses, which utilize prisms or a chamber filled with a liquid of high refractive index to indicate the liquid level, transparent level gauge glasses rely solely on the visual observation of the liquid.

These glasses are typically made of a high-quality, transparent material such as borosilicate glass or acrylic. Borosilicate glass is preferred for its excellent chemical and thermal resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, while acrylic is valued for its lightweight and shatter-resistant properties.

Transparent level gauge glasses are commonly used in applications where the liquid being measured is clear or where the presence of foreign substances or sediment in the liquid won't hinder visibility. They provide a direct, unambiguous view of the liquid level, allowing operators to easily monitor processes and take necessary actions as needed. However, in applications involving aggressive chemicals, high pressures, or high temperatures, other types of sight glasses like reflex or transparent level gauge glasses might be more appropriate.