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From DN15 to DN6000 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

From DN15 to DN6000 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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Part of  parameters as belows,if more details pls send us your requirements.

Warranty:1 years. 
Customized support:OEM, ODM
Model Number:TUF-2000D
Type:ultrasonic flow meter
Pipe size:DN15~DN6000
Application:Single homogeneous liquid
Flow rate range:0~±10m/s
Pipe material:All dense pipes
Power supply:DC8~36V/AC85~264V
data storage:SD card
Communication Interface:Isolated RS485 serial interface, supports MODBUS.
Protection level:IP68
Velocity range
0 ~ + 10m / s, forward and backward measurement
Pipe diameter
Fluid temperature
Fluid type
Water, sea water, sewage, acid and alkali, alcohol, beer, various oils and other single uniform liquids that can conduct
ultrasonic waves
Pipe material
All dense pipes such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, and glass fiber reinforced plastics are allowed
to be lined
Signal output
1 Channel 4 ~ 20mA current output impedance 0 ~ 1K, accuracy 0.1%,
1 channel OCT pulse output pulse width 6 ~ 1000ms1 relay output
Signal input
3 channels of 4 ~ 20mA current input can be used as data collector to connect three wire PT100 platinum resistance to realize heat
Communication interface
Isolate RS485 serial interface and support Modbus protocol
Data storage
SD card regularly stores the set parameters and measurement results (optional)
Power supply mode
DC8 ~ 36V or AC85 ~ 264V
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